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Description:   IMS-Communicator is an IMS softphone based on the old version of the sip-communicator java project, implemented on top of the JAIN-SIP stack and the Java Media Framework API. It can be used with Open IMS Core (

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MSRP for IMS The project perspective is implement an robust, industry strength Open Source MSRP(message session relay protocol).

9200 Communicator Mouse The new Nokia 9210 Communicator is a no-pen driven device which supports an Cursor API. The idea is to link the Cursor API to the communication port and then connecting a real mouse. This should make the usage of the 9200 series more compfortable.

argh Communicator Argh is an open source multi-protocol instant messenger for Windows. Our main goal is to make it very simple and light, but flexible and extensible.

Disk Communicator Disk Communicator is a small system utility used to monitor your ATA devices status. Disk Communicator can be used to predict the failure of the HDD using SMART. It is developed using VC++ and currently available for Windows platform.

HSC - IMS Interchange The HSC IMS Interchange is a framework and solution targeted to Higher Education. Utilizing the IMS XML messaging standard, it provisions SQL data wharehouses, Active Directory, SharePoint and other enterprise services from legacy data sources.

IMS Enterprise SDK This SDK is a library and set of demonstration code created to assist developers wishing to implement the IMS Enterprise Services specification. The SDK is in Java, and uses the AXIS web services framework. The SDK also provides example JSP applications.

IMS Open Corpus Workbench The IMS Open Corpus Workbench is a collection of tools for managing and querying large text corpora (100 M words and more) with linguistic annotations. Its central component is the flexible and efficient query processor CQP, which can be used interactively in a terminal session, ...

IMS Server IMS provides a flexible, secure, a customizable and Standards Compliant platform to meet all your Instant messaging needs, for now and years to come.

Office Communicator Logger Office Communicator Logger is a standalone Windows application which monitors Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 conversation windows in order to automatically save, organize, and provide access to conversation history. Save conversations to text filesSearch and view conversationsExpire logs after desired timeAccess conversation URLsNotify when conversation has ...

Team communicator It is a class project for Advanced Software Engineering at GUCAS in China.Team Communicator is designed to be a web site for the members of research groups to communicate with each other.

IMS Server IMS provides a flexible, secure, a customizable and Standards Compliant platform to meet all your Instant messaging needs, for now and years to come.

IMSP Plugin for Microsoft Outlook 10 Plugin for Microsoft Outlook written in Visual Basic 6 for integrating IMSP addressbooks into the Outlook Explorer.

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